Join Our Free Hack Defense Game and Block REAL Attacks with Phalcon

Ready for a LIFE-AND-DEATH battle against hackers?

Join Our Free Hack Defense Game and Block REAL Attacks with Phalcon

In a forest shrouded in mist and darkness,

every soul is enveloped in an indescribable premonition.

Unknown fears rustle with the wind,

as if an unforeseen dark force could descend at any moment.

In this seemingly boundless darkness,

a mysterious power known as Phalcon is hidden.

Before the dragon can fully spread its wings,

it keenly senses the approaching shadows,

activating a mysterious and powerful energy

to completely block the dragon's fierce onslaught before it strikes.

Now, we pass this mysterious power on to you.

When you tap into this force, you will find yourself extraordinarily perceptive,

able to sense and ward off threats not yet emerged.

More than that, this power will also grant you courage,

allowing you to face challenges with calm and fearlessness.

BlockSec Phalcon Virtual Experience Journey

Phalcon is a security platform developed by BlockSec to monitor and block hacks. The system detects suspicious transactions, instantly alerts users, and takes automated actions in response. It assists protocol teams, traders, LPs, DAO organizations, exchanges, and fund managers in protecting protocols and digital assets.

Phalcon is developed as a SaaS platform, but we aim to enhance its transparency so that more users can understand Phalcon's basic principles and operational procedures before subscribing. This led to the creation of the "Phalcon Virtual Experience Journey System."

Whether you are considering a subscription or just curious, you are welcome to participate in this virtual experience. Experience the powerful capabilities of the world's only platform that automatically blocks hacker attacks!

Welcome to the "Battlefield"

This is a real attack incident that resulted in a loss of $11.6 million (more attack incidents to be unlocked...).

Choose Your Player Role

  • You can choose to be the Protocol Team, where you can urgently pause the protocol when an attack occurs.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to be the Liquidity Provider (LP), where you can urgently withdraw funds from the protocol during an attack.

Begin the Adventure! In this virtual experience:

🌟 Attack and suspicious transactions stand no chance of slipping by unnoticed with Phalcon on guard.

🌟 Phalcon proactively discovers and blocks attacks before they are even executed on the blockchain. Let's witness the strength of Mempool monitoring.

🌟 With its diverse array of monitoring rules, Phalcon provides numerous tactical approaches to safeguard your protocols and assets.

🌟 Supports both multisig wallet and EOA wallet.

🌟 No coding needed, beginner-friendly!

Just select and set monitoring and response rules with a few clicks.

After setting up monitoring rules and response actions, we welcome a real confrontation!

🌟 Phalcon Virtual Experience offers a precise replay of real hacker attacks, accurately recreating authentic scenarios.

The fund flow from the initial attack in the Prisma Finance Incident

With a hacker attack imminent, how will Phalcon respond?

Jump outside the box! Instantly initiate a transaction to block the hacker's attack. ğŸ˜Ž

How did this transaction you initiated through Phalcon save $11.6 million worth of assets?

Click here to freely explore the Phalcon Virtual Experience Journey

Uncover the answer firsthand!

About Phalcon

Phalcon is a security platform developed by BlockSec to monitor and block hacks. The system detects suspicious transactions, instantly alerts users, and takes automated actions in response.

  • Early and Precise Attack Monitoring: Phalcon's detection engine scans every mempool and on-chain transaction for malicious proposals and contracts, among other potential threats. It leverages DeFi semantics and AI algorithms to achieve minimal false positives.
  • Operational Risk Monitoring: Beyond just monitoring for malicious activities, the system also keeps an eye on changes to admin keys, role grants, and key variables. This enables timely detection of private key leaks, privilege alterations, and other security risks.
  • Automated Attack Blocking with Customized Actions: When a transaction meets trigger conditions, Phalcon initiates automated actions within one block time (supporting multi-signature wallets). It provides standard response action templates, and users also have the option to customize actions.
  • Low-Code Configuration: Monitor transactions, functions, events, and variables with ease, utilizing a variety of pre-set monitoring templates. No coding is required to effortlessly set up monitoring rules and response actions.
Figure 4: Use cases of Phalcon

Support Tool 1: Phalcon Fork

Phalcon Fork is a support tool for the Phalcon platform. It is a specialized tool designed for Web3 developers and security researchers to conduct collaborative testing with private mainnet states. It allows users to create a Fork from any mainnet state and send transactions to the Fork via an RPC endpoint.

Support Tool 2: Phalcon Explorer

Phalcon Explorer is another support tool for the Phalcon platform. This powerful transaction explorer is designed for the DeFi community. It provides comprehensive data on call flows, balance changes, and transaction fund flows, as well as supports transaction simulation. This helps developers, security researchers, and traders to more intuitively understand transactions.

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