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A browser extension to generate fund flow, display address labels, download data with one-click, simulate transactions, view storage and proxy upgrades, along with more than 20 utilities on over ten blockchain browsers.
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Aggregator for Popular Web3 Tools

MetaSuites connects builders with over 20 popular tools, including Phalcon, MetaSleuth, DeBank, DethCode, Forta, Tenderly, EVM.Storage, and more. Users can effortlessly access these widely-used tools with a single click from block explorers like Etherscan.

Fund Flow Map

MetaSuites enables swift generation of fund flow maps for any address, allowing users to analyze fund flows for correlated addresses cross different blockchains without delving into complex raw transaction data.

Transaction Explanation

Powered by GPT, MetaSuites assists users in comprehending transactions through easy-to-understand, natural language explanations.

Address Labels

MetaSuites identifies deposit addresses of centralized exchanges (CEXs), scammer and hacker addresses, along with over 20 million labels that we have collected and verified, especially those not tagged by blockchain explorers.

Risk Awareness

MetaSuites enhances user awareness of security risks by providing address compliance scores, diagnosing suspicious token approvals, and offering alerts for suspicious addresses and transactions.

Development Accelerator

MetaSuites empowers developers to query private variables of smart contracts, access proxy upgrade logs, download contract source codes, enhance function signatures, and simulate transactions on block explorers.

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