View fund flow for any address simply with one click
Gain insight from the fund flow with high value correlated address, supports most EVM-compatible blockchains.
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Understand the risks of NFT collection with the comprehensive radar chart
Visualize the risks associated with the NFT collection in three dimensions using a radar chart, which seamlessly integrates with major NFT marketplaces.
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Enhanced labels, intuitive compliance score and security alert
MetaSuites provides additional labels and compliance scores, allowing crypto users to better understand the activities and risks associated the corresponding address. Besides, it marks the suspicious addresses and transactions for your reference.
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Interact with various popular tools
Now, you can access DebankTenderly, Phalcon, FortaNFTGoDedaubEden Network and more useful tools through MetaSuites.
All in one dock for blockchain explorers
Unlock the full potential of web 3 with our powerful dock. Easily search for addresses, transactions, ENS, and NFTs, with a dock that aggregates multiple blockchain explorers.
A more user-friendly blockchain explorer
Easily download and view the verified contract source code and ABI, track funding sourcesparse function signatures, and export current page data, Even timestamps are displayed in your local time zone for your convenience.
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We take user privacy very seriously.

  • Users can opt out MetaSuites's each features at any time
  • MetaSuites neither collects nor uploads user information
  • MetaSuites only runs on the following sites, each of them can be individually disabled.
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