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Online Transaction Debugging

Transaction debugging enhances efficiency when analyzing complicated transactions. With the source code view and debug console, users can navigate through both internal and external function calls, accessing detailed parameters and return values. For those with dual displays, the debug view in a separate tab streamlines the debugging experience.

Comprehensive Invocation Flow

It visualizes function invocation flow with trace-level information, embedded event logs to help users to analyze and understand the transactions. Coupled with balance and states changes, the impact of a transaction is viewed with clearer insights.


Flexible Transaction Simulation

It allows for the simulation of transactions from any block or position, using any given inputs, all powered by a high-performance simulation engine. Additionally, the simulation results can be debugged and analyzed, and easily shared with other users.


Use Cases

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Debugging Contracts and Transactions on Testnets

Phalcon Explorer supports Ethereum testnets. Developers can deploy contracts on testnets or forks before launching on the mainnet. During this phase, Phalcon Explorer helps  developers in swiftly debugging contracts and transactions.

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High-frequency Traders

Analyzing Trading Strategies

Phalcon Explorer rapidly analyzes the profitability of other transactions, providing insights into execution processes and gas consumption. This feature assists traders in optimizing their arbitrage strategies for increased profits.

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Security Researchers

Analyzing On-chain Security Incidents

Phalcon Explorer offers extensive features, including balance changes, state changes, call traces, and debugging. It can facilitate the analysis of attack transactions to pinpoint the root causes of attacks.

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