Track Meme Coin in Solana with MetaSleuth: DYOR Crypto Investment Guide

This blog demonstrates how to use MetaSleuth to track the Meme coin GME on Solana, showcasing its features for crypto tracking, fund flow visualization, and real-time transaction monitoring.

Track Meme Coin in Solana with MetaSleuth: DYOR Crypto Investment Guide


In this blog, we will demonstrate how to use MetaSleuth to track the Meme coin GME on Solana.

MetaSleuth is a platform specifically designed for crypto tracking and investigation and users need to utilize on-chain tools for DYOR (Do Your Own Research). It offers diverse features such as fund tracking, visualizing fund flows, real-time transaction monitoring, and the ability to save and share analysis results. MetaSleuth helps monitor market movements, track the flow of funds in criminal activities, and support users in conducting independent research to avoid scams. Supporting over 20 blockchains, MetaSleuth is widely used by the community for various investigative purposes.

On June 3rd, at 8:03 AM, wallet address 4VnL1GoHxM3XnFTU1MeZnrLGG3zu9jC2SryANwsD6HML spent $17,000 to buy approximately 4 million $GME at a price of 0.004373, just six minute after $GME started rising. Six minutes later, the entire position was sold, generating $13,265.06 in revenue, which is about a 1.7x return. The timing of the buy and sell was extremely precise.

Tracking Smart Money on Solana Using MetaSleuth: A Case Study

First, choose "Solana" from the options, and then enter the address 4VnL1GoHxM3XnFTU1MeZnrLGG3zu9jC2SryANwsD6HML, then press the "Advanced Analyze".

Since our goal is very specific—to analyze the flow of $GME in this wallet address—we can further refine our criteria before the analysis to make the results more accurate.

  • First, select the desired fund flow direction under "Direction".
  • Next, you can further narrow down the scope by entering a specific token address. Here, we can select "Specific SPL Token" and paste the $GME token contract address: 8wXtPeU6557ETkp9WHFY1n1EcU6NxDvbAggHGsMYiHsB.
  • Finally, filter by the desired time period.

MetaSleuth automatically visualizes the fund flow linked to the address. Each node symbolizes an address, while the edges between nodes represent the total token transfers. Regardless of multiple transactions for the same token between two nodes, only a single edge is displayed.

We can see that the canvas currently displays two records.

As mentioned, the edge represents aggregated token transfers. We can click the edge to view more detailed information. In the edge list, we can see all the token transfers between nodes. Since it shows the aggregated tokens, we can click on "Details" to expand and see more information.

Additionally, you can paste the transaction hash into the search bar above to view the details of the transaction.

We can see that at 00:03, 108.90 WSOL was exchanged for 4,060,848.79724586 GME. Next, we need to determine how much these GME were sold for. Click on the second edge and then on "Details."

Notice in the bottom left corner that at [2024-06-03 00:08:23], [2024-06-03 00:09:12], and [2024-06-03 00:09:35], respectively, 2,030,424.39862293, 1,015,212.19931146, and 1,015,212.19931146 GME were sold, totaling 4,060,848.797 GME.

At this point, paste the transaction hashes into the search bar above to see how much wSol was received: 92.31 wSol, 48.92 wSol, and 47.58 wSol, totaling 188.81 wSol. In just 5 minutes, the profit was (188.81 - 108.90) * 166 = 13,265.06.

By applying these methods and techniques, you can leverage MetaSleuth to conduct in-depth investigations of projects and wallets within the Solana ecosystem, monitor the investment activities of Smart Money, and make more informed investment choices. Whether you're a beginner investor or a seasoned analyst, MetaSleuth serves as a robust tool for exploring and comprehending the Solana ecosystem.

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