How to Choose the Right Security Monitoring Platform for Your Protocol?

Discover the importance of security monitoring for blockchain projects and the factors worth considering when choosing a security monitoring platform for your protocol

How to Choose the Right Security Monitoring Platform for Your Protocol?


In the rapidly evolving blockchain industry, ensuring robust security measures is paramount for project owners. Selecting the right security monitoring platform can make a significant difference in protecting assets and maintaining user trust. This blog post explores the importance of security monitoring, key factors to consider when choosing a platform, and highlights why BlockSec Phalcon is the ideal solution. With its comprehensive features, advanced threat detection capabilities, and user-friendly interface, BlockSec Phalcon offers project owners a reliable and effective security monitoring platform for their blockchain applications.

Section 1 The Importance of Security Monitoring

Security monitoring refers to the proactive process of continuously observing, analyzing, and managing the security of a system or network. It involves monitoring various aspects of the system, including network traffic, access logs, user activities, and system configurations, to detect and respond to security incidents and potential threats. With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, security monitoring is playing an increasingly important role.

1.1 Understanding Security Risks

Blockchain protocols are susceptible to zero-day attacks that exploit unknown vulnerabilities, risks associated with un-audited code updates that may introduce new security flaws, and dependencies on external systems that can become points of compromise. These complex security challenges highlight the essential role of security monitoring platforms.

1.2 Early Threat Detection

Real-time monitoring and early threat detection play a pivotal role in minimizing risks, preventing attacks, and safeguarding sensitive data. By proactively identifying potential threats, project owners can take immediate action to mitigate risks and protect users' assets.

1.3 Compliance and Trust

Security monitoring not only helps project owners meet compliance standards and regulatory requirements but also fosters trust among stakeholders. By implementing robust security measures, project owners can demonstrate their commitment to protecting user assets and maintaining the integrity of their blockchain applications.

Section 2 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Security Monitoring Platform

How to choose the right security monitoring platform is a problem that many protocol operators are very concerned about, here, we give some important indicators.

2.1 Comprehensive Coverage

To make an informed decision, it is imperative to prioritize a platform that offers extensive security solutions encompassing smart contract protection, transaction monitoring, operational risks, and network surveillance. Comprehensive coverage ensures that all aspects of the blockchain application are protected from potential threats.

2.2 Detection Accuracy of the System

The accuracy of a system is critically important due to the significant role played by true positives and false positives. High true positives are essential because if important alerts are not reported, it could lead to substantial losses. This means the system must be capable of correctly identifying and alerting real issues when they arise to prevent potential damage or operational disruptions.

Conversely, a high rate of false positives can be equally problematic. Not only do they interfere with the normal operations of the project team, due to constant and unnecessary interruptions, but they can also lead to a "boy who cried wolf" scenario. Over time, if users consistently receive false alarms, they may start to doubt the credibility of the monitoring system. This skepticism forces users to waste time and resources in verifying the accuracy of each alert independently, which could delay responses to actual threats.

Overall, maintaining a balance where the system minimizes false positives while maximizing true positives is crucial for efficient and trustworthy operations.

2.3 Customization and Flexibility

Opting for a platform that allows project owners to customize monitoring rules and alerts enables tailored security measures aligned with their specific requirements. Customization and flexibility empower project owners to adapt the security monitoring platform to their unique needs and enhance the effectiveness of threat detection.

2.4 User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation are crucial aspects that ensure ease of use. A platform with a user-friendly interface simplifies the monitoring process, making it accessible to a wider range of users and facilitating efficient security management.

2.5 Support and Documentation

Comprehensive customer support and well-documented resources are invaluable in assisting project owners during the implementation and configuration process. Adequate support and documentation ensure that project owners can effectively utilize the security monitoring platform and address any issues that may arise.

Section 3 Phalcon: The Ideal Security Monitoring Platform

Phalcon is a security monitoring platform of BlockSec, it is designed for all crypto projects. It not only monitors attacks but also responds instantly to block them. This capability has been battle-tested with a proven record of blocking over 20 real-world hacks and rescuing over 15 million dollars worth of assets. Compared with other security monitoring platforms, Phalcon has several distinct advantages.

3.1 Phalcon's Advantages

  • Early and Precise Attack Monitoring and Blocking: Phalcon is capable of monitoring transactions from the Mempool stage, identifying attacks before they are executed on the blockchain. Utilizing advanced AI and DeFi semantics, it has verified over 99% of reported attacks as genuine over the past two years. Even more, users can enhance precision by customizing their own trigger rules, such as changes in token amounts, prices, key variables, sensitive events, and function invocations. An alert or action is only triggered when a transaction meets both the specified risk level and user-defined trigger rules, further minimizing false positives to the lowest level possible.

  • Operational Risk Monitoring: Phalcon can monitor not only attacks, but also administrative changes and critical variable modifications to pre-emptively identify risks such as private key leaks or unauthorized privilege grants.

  • Customizable Monitoring and Alerts: With Phalcon, project owners can enjoy the flexibility of configuring monitoring rules and customizing alerts. This customization empowers project owners to tailor the security monitoring platform to their specific needs, ensuring precise attack intelligence and proactive threat response.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Dashboards: Phalcon's user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards enable project owners to navigate and monitor their blockchain applications effortlessly. The user-friendly design enhances usability and facilitates efficient security management.

  • Diverse Notification Channels: Phalcon supports multiple alert notification channels, including webhooks, Telegram, Slack, email, and more, facilitating timely responses to potential threats. This ensures that organizations can proactively address security issues and minimize their impact.

3.2 Subscribing to Phalcon

Phalcon is a SaaS platform. To subscribe to Phalcon, visit BlockSec's official website and navigate to the Phalcon product page. There, you will find information about the different subscription plans and pricing options. Choose the plan that best suits your organization's needs and budget. Once you have selected a plan, follow the instructions to complete the subscription process, which may involve providing your contact and payment details.


When it comes to selecting a security monitoring platform for blockchain applications, the considerations of comprehensive coverage, advanced threat detection capabilities, customization options, user-friendliness, and reliable support are paramount. BlockSec Phalcon emerges as the ideal choice, offering early and precise attack monitoring and blocking, operational risk monitoring, customizable monitoring and alerts, and user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards. With its proven track record and success stories, Phalcon provides project owners with the confidence and peace of mind needed to protect assets, mitigate risks, and maintain the security of their blockchain applications.

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