Enhancing Web3 Security: Exploring the Top 5 Security Monitoring Platforms in 2024

Discover the top 5 security monitoring platforms in blockchain and experience the advantages of BlockSec Phalcon. With early attack detection and customizable rules, Phalcon secures web3 applications effectively.

Enhancing Web3 Security: Exploring the Top 5 Security Monitoring Platforms in 2024


As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, ensuring robust security measures becomes paramount for web3 applications. In this blog post, we will explore the top five security monitoring platforms in 2024, highlighting their unique offerings. Among these platforms, we will delve into why BlockSec Phalcon provides distinct advantages over its competitors and how to subscribe to Phalcon.

What Are the Top 5 Security Monitoring Platforms?

BlockSec Phalcon: A Comprehensive Attack Monitoring and Blocking Platform

BlockSec Phalcon is an innovative platform specifically designed to monitor and block hacking attempts in real-time. It helps users and protocol operators detect suspicious transactions, receive instant alerts, and take automatic actions to minimize losses. This capability has been battle-tested with a proven record of blocking over 20 real-world hacks and rescuing over 15 million dollars worth of assets. BlockSec Phalcon has been trusted by many projects, such as Cobo, Puffe, and Merlin. Phalcon fully supports ETH, BSC, Arbitrum, and Merlin, with other chains being supported progressively.

Forta Network: A Decentralized Blockchain Real-time Security and Monitoring System

Forta Network is a decentralized blockchain real-time security and monitoring system. It primarily uses a permission-free and decentralized incentive model to monitor threats and exceptions on DeFi, NFT, governance, cross-chain bridging, and other Web3 systems. Forta Network has been adopted by many projects and Dapps, such as dYdX and Balancer.

Hypernative: A Web3 Real-Time Security Platform

Hypernative is a crypto security platform that detects attacks in progress and prevents losses in real time, protecting against security (hacks/exploits), governance and financial risks with actionable insights. Powered by its "pre-cog" platform, Hypernative uses proprietary machine learning models to monitor on-chain and off-chain data sources to accurately predict cyber, economic, governance, and community threats before they have an impact.

Openzeppelin Defender: A Mission-critical Developer Security Platform

OpenZeppelin Defender is a mission-critical developer security platform to code, audit, deploy, monitor, and operate blockchain applications with confidence. Integrating directly into the developer workflow, Defender makes it easy and fast for developers and operators to prevent and fix security issues pre and post-deployment.

Hexagate: An Enterprise-grade Security Platform

Hexagate is an enterprise-grade security platform. It prevents cyber exploits, hacks, governance and financial risks for protocols, Web3 apps and asset managers. Hexagate provides a proactive shield for blockchain organizations against known and unknown threats. Hexagate’s mission is to provide a security platform for blockchain organizations irrespective of their size or stage so they can securely navigate the complexities of Web3 and protect their users.

What Makes Phalcon Stand Out from Its Competitors?

When compared to the aforementioned security monitoring platforms, Phalcon, provides several distinct advantages:

Early and Precise Attack Monitoring and Blocking

Phalcon is capable of monitoring transactions from the Mempool stage, identifying attacks before they are executed on the blockchain. Utilizing advanced AI and DeFi semantics, it has verified over 99% of reported attacks as genuine over the past two years. Even more, users can enhance precision by customizing their own trigger rules, such as changes in token amounts, prices, key variables, sensitive events, and function invocations. An alert or action is only triggered when a transaction meets both the specified risk level and user-defined trigger rules, further minimizing false positives to the lowest level possible.

Operational Risk Monitoring

Phalcon can monitor not only attacks but also administrative changes and critical variable modifications to pre-emptively identify risks such as private key leaks or unauthorized privilege grants.

Customizable Monitoring Rules and Actions

Phalcon provides users with the ability to configure monitoring rules and customize actions. This empowers users to receive precise attack intelligence and automatically block potential threats before they occur. The user-friendly interface of Phalcon also offers rich pre-built monitoring templates, enabling flexible activity monitoring without the need for coding.

Diverse Notification Channels

Phalcon supports multiple alert notification channels, including webhooks, Telegram, Slack, email, and more, facilitating timely responses to potential threats. This ensures that organizations can proactively address security issues and minimize their impact.

How to subscribe to Phalcon?

Phalcon is a SaaS platform. To subscribe to Phalcon, visit BlockSec's official website and navigate to the Phalcon product page. There, you will find information about the different subscription plans and pricing options. Choose the plan that best suits your organization's needs and budget. Once you have selected a plan, follow the instructions to complete the subscription process, which may involve providing your contact and payment details.


As web3 applications continue to thrive, the importance of robust security monitoring cannot be overstated. BlockSec Phalcon stands out in the competitive landscape. By leveraging its expertise, cutting-edge technology, and proactive monitoring capabilities, BlockSec Phalcon empowers organizations to mitigate risks, protect their blockchain ecosystems, and build trust among users and stakeholders. If you are seeking a reliable solution to secure protocol security, BlockSec Phalcon is an option worth considering.

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