Security Audit Report for PancakeSwap VECake


Pancake launched a governance project VECake for voting. VECake enables users to acquire voting powers by depositing their CAKE tokens. These voting powers empower users to vote on Pancake Gauge weights.

The core contracts covered in this audit include VECake and GaugeVoting in the code repository. The iterative audit covers the code in the initial version, as well as subsequent versions to fix discovered issues, as detailed in our audit report. Please note that external dependencies are assumed reliable and are therefore excluded from the audit scope.

Our audit methodology employs automated vulnerability scans, manual verification, and business logic analysis to uncover potential security issues coupled with gas and code quality optimization recommendations.

In summary, we have found that the codebase contains several high-risk issues that require prompt attention. In addition, we have identified other non-critical issues as well as security suggestions that should be considered. The Pancake team has addressed these issues promptly. It is important to note that our audit covers only the final reported versions of the codebase. Any subsequent updates would require a re-evaluation.


In total, we find 6 potential issues in the smart contract. We also have 2 recommendations and 2 notes, as follows:

High Risk: 3
Medium Risk: 0
Low Risk: 3
Recommendation: 2
Note: 2
ID Severity Description Category Status
1 Low Inconsistent lock time limits Software Security Fixed
2 High Incorrect operator precedence Software Security Fixed
3 Low Flawed code logic that cannot update the first added gauge info Software Security Fixed
4 Low Lack of sanity check on admin voting weight Software Security Fixed
5 High Lack of updates on gaugeChangesWeight and gaugeTypeChangesSum Software Security Fixed
6 High Inconsistent designs related to boostMultiplier DeFi Security Fixed
7 - Fix typos Recommendation Fixed
8 - Remove debugging codes Recommendation Fixed
9 - Potential centralization risk Note -
10 - Ensure the proper use of function totalSupplyAtTime and balanceOfAtTime Note -

More details are provided in the audit report.

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