Help users, protocol operators, traders, and everyone to perceive suspicious transactions, get instant alerts and take automatic actions

Gain Early Access to Precise Attack Intelligence

Early Detection

Cover Mempool and on-chain transactions, monitor for malicious proposals and contracts, and more.

Early Detection

Precise Detection

Leverage DeFi semantics and AI algorithms to achieve high precision.

Precise Detection

Automated Attack Blocking with Customized Actions

Automated Actions

Implement swift and automatic responses to threats.

Multi-Signature Support

Enable automated actions with multi-signature wallets.

Early Detection

Transaction Sending Strategy

Utilize private RPC, gas bidding, and set gas price limits to counteract attacks.

Precise Detection

No-Code, Flexible Monitoring Rules Configuration

Ease of Use

Monitor transactions, functions, events, and variables easily without the need for coding.

Precise Detection

Pre-Set Templates

Access a variety of monitoring templates covering major security issues for protocols including Lending, DEX, Restaking, Liquid Staking, etc.

Early Detection

Meet Both Security and Operational Monitoring Requirements

Comprehensive Monitoring

Keep an eye on changes to admin keys, role grants, key variables, contract upgrades, time lock, new proposals and price oracles.

Diverse Notification Channels

Receive alerts through multiple channels including webhooks, Telegram, Slack, email, and more.

Use cases

Automated actions to counteract attacks, preventing or minimizing losses
Continuous operational monitoring to identify critical events within the protocol
Liquidity Providers / Traders
Trigger instant asset withdrawals in response to security incidents
Identify trading opportunities with timely access to on-chain intelligence
L1/L2 Chains
Stay vigilant about the security of leading protocols to uphold a thriving ecosystem
Protect treasury assets through automatic responses to hacks
Delist tokens affected by hacks immediately
Swift reallocation of holdings to secure wallets when attacks occur

Three Steps to Navigate Phalcon

1Add protocol
The protocols you build or invest in
The smart contracts on which the above protocols depend
2Add monitor
Built-in early and precise attack detection engine to identify malicious transactions
Various monitoring rules to screen transactions using rich templates
3Add action
Configure automated actions for different scenarios
Support for an exclusive gas bidding strategy

Maximize Security Minimize Cost

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Phalcon Toolset

Phalcon Explorer

Dive into Transactions to Act Wisely

A virtualization tool that facilitates the analysis of complex transactions, essential for understanding attack transactions.

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Phalcon Fork

Collaborative testing on mainnet forked chains

A testnet designed for collaborative development and public-mode testing.

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