Fork from Arbitrary Mainnet Height

Users can generate a Fork from any block or position on the mainnet. Unlike standard testnets, this approach creates an real testing environment, reflecting mainnet states and encompassing any protocol a DApp might depend on.

with Development Frameworks

Transactions can be seamlessly sent to and executed within the Fork via the RPC endpoint. The integration of popular development frameworks such as Hardhat, Foundry, Truffle, Remix, and more, requires just ten or fewer lines of configuration.

Empower Public-
Testing Mode

The RPC of a Fork can be integrated into wallets like MetaMask, engaging users in the testing process and enabling the creation of a public testing app before launch. The built-in block explorer can provide a view of all transactions, similar to Etherscan.
Versatile Utility Tools and Resources
Phalcon Scan (akin to Etherscan) provides detailed data on addresses and transactions within the Fork. The Faucet provides unlimited native tokens, while Phalcon Explorer assists in understanding and debugging transactions.
Collaboration among Developers
Phalcon Fork facilitates collaborative management, allowing seamless sharing among developers. Furthermore, users can actively engage in the testing process by adding an RPC endpoint into their wallets.
Fork Customization and CI Integration
Phalcon Fork offers customization through block header parameter modifications, enabling users to create and switch between snapshots for diverse testing states. Its seamless integration into the CI workflow is made possible through REST APIs.

Secure Every Deployment
& Upgrade with Phalcon Fork

Phalcon Fork enables collaborative and precise testing for code deployment and upgrades, ensuring smart contracts are robust, secure, and bug-free.