Online Transaction Debugging

Transaction debugging enhances efficiency when analyzing complicated transactions. With the source code view and debug console, users can navigate through both internal and external function calls, accessing detailed parameters and return values. For those with dual displays, the debug view in a separate tab streamlines the debugging experience.

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Comprehensive Invocation Flow

It visualizes function invocation flow with trace-level information, embedded event logs to help users to analyze and understand the transactions. Coupled with balance and states changes, the impact of a transaction is viewed with clearer insights.

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Flexible Transaction Simulation

It allows for the simulation of transactions from any block or position, using any given input, all powered by a high-performance simulation engine. Additionally, the simulation results can be debugged and analyzed, and easily shared with other users.

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High Performance
Phalcon Explorer can handle complicated transactions with thousands of internal transactions and provide reliable results. The simulation of a transaction bundle can be finished with milliseconds, with simulation results shared between users.
Ultimate Usability
Phalcon Explorer enhances user experience with a range of features such as address tagging, depth and type of call filters, and template-driven transaction simulations. It also offers users the flexibility to customize the mapping of function selectors and address labels.
Deep Insights
Phalcon Explorer displays the balance changes of every involved address, shows the gas consumption for each function, and enumrates state modifications across all associated storages. This provides users with a deep insight into the impact of a transaction.

Dive Deep & Act Wisely
with Phalcon Explorer

Phalcon Explorer is more than a tool; it's a gateway for developers, traders, and researchers to intuitively dissect complex transactions and make informed decisions.