Precise Attack Detection

Our engine conducts in-depth scans of both pending and on-chain transactions to identify potential attacks. The robust algorithms prioritize detection accuracy, minimizing false alarms to safeguard our clients' protocols while also remaining vigilant to ensure no threats go unnoticed. Our timely alerts on social media and the Forta platform have empowered protocols, LPs, and users to take swift action, preventing potential losses.

Automatic Attack Blocking

Our system automatically initiates a blocking transaction even faster than attackers can execute their hacks, ensuring preemptive protection without the need for manual intervention.

Configurable Response Action

Users have the flexibility to configure different actions according to the attack types and impacts. For ease of use, we offer common response templates and suggestions.
Battle-Tested Technique for Robust Performance
Our core technique for blocking hacks has been battle-tested, successfully rescuing more than 14 million USD. Phalcon Block is the only security product with proven records of automatically blocking multiple crypto hacks.
Minimal Impact on Operation
Our system operates around the clock, taking automatic actions 24/7 to ensure continuous security. It doesn't require human intervention, removing the 'human in the loop' to act promptly before attackers.
Rich Experience of Incident Response
We assist affected protocols to pinpoint the root casue of the attack, help thoroughly review the security patches to fix the vulnerabilities, and monitor the flow of compromised funds to facilitate fund recovery.

Secure Your Protocol with Phalcon Block

Phalcon Block instantly monitors and automatically responds to hacks, with rich configurability.